High temperature resistant RFID chip/ High temperature resistant RFID tag

High temperature resistant RFID chip.

1. Product description:

As an RFID Chip  using UHF frequency with compact design, this RFID tag can withstand high temperatures and can be mounted on metal surfaces or other equipment in production.

With the ability to withstand high temperatures up to 800°C with a rugged cover, this RFID tag is ready to be deployed in a variety of applications without sacrificing distance performance. read.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of High temperature resistant RFID tags:


RFID Can be reused many times.

Special materials should ensure high durability.

Strictly control output quality

Absolutely waterproof.


High investment costs

3. Application of High temperature resistant RFID chip.

High temperature resistant RFID tags are the ideal solution for applications with high temperature environments such as:

Disinfect equipment

Process after car painting

Production systems

In the food industry: chicken and pig slaughter lines…

4. Technical specifications: Frequency: 860 – 960MHz

Type: EPC Class1 Gen2

Dimensions: 51mm x 51mm x 3mm

RFID chip : Impinj Monza

Operating temperature: -25°C up to +300°C

Temperature peak: +420°C/15 minutes

Color: White blue, red…

Housing: Ceramic material

5. Operating temperature:

RFID Chip operating conditions : -30 ~ 600Degree C,

Storage conditions: -10 ~ 80 degrees Celsius

ESD: + / -2000V peak

Size: customized

6. Typical product images:

High temperature resistant RFID tag: Brings absolute trust to the most demanding customers: Currently the product is applied at Masan’s Slaughter System, fabric processing factories…