What is a Copyable 125Khz RFID Tag?

Copyable 125Khz RFID Tag.

1. Description:

  • 125Khz copyable RFID tags are tags that use the T5577 chip.

  • T5577 chip can record the card code of another card ( copied from another card with the same frequency 125Khz).

  • The card can be erased and recorded over and over again. The tag can read/write data at very high speeds.</p >

  • The card is compatible with most RFID 125Khz sets.< /span> 125Khz T5577 RFID tag is a type of tag Passive, consumes no energy and is water resistant.

2. Technical specifications:

  • Chip: T5577
  • Thin type, standard size 85.5*54*0.84 mm
  • Frequency: 125khz
  • Memory capacity: 330Bits
  • Reading distance: <10cm
  • Operating temperature: -25oC-85oC
  • Write capacity: > 100,000
  • Memory lifespan: >10 years
  • Material: PVC
  • Standard: ISO4443
  • Normal number of characters 24

3. Application:

  • Widely applied in apartments
  • Smart parking system.
  • Door system.
  • And many other management systems.

4. Note:

You need a machine to copy RFID tags to start copying can copy. The frequency of RFID tags is 125khz, please check that the card parameters you have match the frequency to be able to copy.

5. Typical Images of Copyable RFID Tags