RFID Tags for Animals in the Livestock Industry

Benefitsof Using RFID Tags for Animals in the Livestock Industry


Nowadays, raising cattle is no longer manual like before. Thanks to the application of modern advanced technology, people can manage and control livestock farming closely, thereby increasing productivity, quality and efficiency optimally, ensuring the supply of animal resources. Meat meets customer requirements and passes the strictest criteria on food hygiene, safety and health for farmers.

One of the new trends in livestock farming is to track individual animals from birth to slaughter using their personal information – personal identification number, date of birth, vaccinations, etc. – stored on a chip through RFID technology – Radio-Frequency IDentification (radio frequency identification)


RFID chip is embedded into standard animal tags. Reading distance is 2-3 meters when using a tag size of 25 to 27mm attached to the animal’s ear with a 2W reader

UHF RFID Animal Tag is a technology in which a passive UHF Inlay is embedded into a standard (invisible) animal tag, manufactured at temperatures up to 220 °C and uses the latest Microchip Technology of Impinj company – Monza4D Chip.

2. The RFID solution includes stationary (circularly polarized) and mobile UHF readers, UHF RFID tags mounted on animal ears, and software for data collection.

The development and production of RFID tags for animals focuses on the following criteria:

  • Quality
  • Durability and size of UHF RFID tag when attached to animal ears
  • Reading rate and reading distance
  • Lost or damaged card
  • Chip functionality in harsh environments (e.g. dirt, humidity, ammonia)

as well as closed and open loop systems, i.e. tracking animals at one location, or different locations throughout their life cycle in the meat production ecosystem.

With an RFID system for animals, farmers can focus on running their operations with fewer administrative tasks, with a clear overview of their animals’ history. through a reliable tracking system.

With this system, the meat manufacturing and retail industry will improve productivity, optimize time, improve warehouse management, facilitate product recalls in case of contaminated batches, protect brands, improve quality improvement, customer satisfaction, consumer protection.

3. Benefits of Applying RFID in Livestock:

  • Check input costs.
  • Inspect Pets accurately and regularly.
  • Financial and risk management
  • Check for loss and theft.
  • Locating pets
  • Check your pet’s health accurately.